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Benjamin Glorieux

d e a r v i s i t o r m y w e b s i t e h a s b e e n g r a n t e d a r e s t - m y p a g e o n F A C E B O O K w h i c h I u p d a t e r e g u l a r l y - m y B I O o n M u z i e k c e n t r u m V l a a n d e r e n

'You're my surprise of the week!!!'Dominic Seldis, double bass solo of Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra (March 2017) Recently (2016) I made a CD, 'En Blanc Et Noir'. It has received an Octave de la Musique in Belgium and 5 Diapasons. You can purchase it on many places on the net. Such as here.Benjamin Glorieux is one of the most versatile musicians on the planet. Bach, new music, chambermusic, authentic instruments, modern and electronic cello and jazz: he does it all brilliantly and with lots of passion. He has been called 'a new musician' because he dares to leave the normal pathways and yet has a profound interest in, for example, the celloconcerti of Schumann, Dvorak and Sjostakovitsj. (KLARA 2017)'Excellent!'cellist Steven IsserlisCD 'En blanc et noir'"... die effektvollen Einlagen des belgischen Cellisten Benjamin Glorieux, der durch seine fantastisch andere Interpretation beruehmter Cellokonzerte, aber auch durch seine spektakulaeren Versionen der Suiten von J.S. Bach auf einem elektronischen 5-saitigen Cello international auf sich aufmerksam machte." (...) " Bach (...) die Glorieux mit meisterhafter Virtuositaet a capella vollig neu oder anders gestaltete..."Claude Müller, Luxembourg, Opderschmelz - October '17'I don't understand why you want to spoil this beautiful music by playing it on an electric instrument!'A music-lover to the organizer of a concert where I was scheduled to perform all of Bach's cello Suites on a 5-string electric cello, with baroque bow and 4 speakers hidden in the 4 corners of the concert hall. (2016)'Your musical weight is so much bigger than your actual weight!!!'cellist Eckardt Runge (2008)

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